Zandekiminu Dar Dastemonu | Life By The Horns

(Drama, 38’)

Life By The Horns follows the self-imposed exile of two Iranian men, Khosrow and Azad, as they seek respite from the social environment of Iran in the hedonism of post-war Lebanon. Instead of the new life that they seek, they are confronted by the constraints and the turmoil of their relationship.

Farsi and Arabic with English subtitles



Written and directed by
Vatche Boulghourjian

Produced by
Mahalia Cohen

Cinematogrpahy and editing by
Vatche Boulghourjian

Lighting by
Spencer Kiernan

Sound by
Andinh Ha

Art director
Catherine Cattaruzza

Location scout
Ani Simitian

Featuring music by
Dustin O’Halloran

Produced in association with
New York University
Tisch School of the Arts
Kanbar Institute of Film & Television
Graduate Film Division
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association

Filming locations
Beirut and Tabarja, Lebanon

*All crew members working during principle photography of this project fulfilled multiple crew positions and responsibilities that would conventionally be assigned to several different individuals on set. In other words, we approached this project not with a hierarchical crew scheme, but with the full acknowledgement that each of us is a filmmaker and will have full collaborative freedom. This approach proved invaluable in creating an integrated process of filmmaking.

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Hassan-Behrouz Bureu-Lavassany – Khosrow
Joe Kordi – Azad
Panos Keshishian – Taxi Driver 1
Zei Khauli – Hotel Manager, Dancer
Souheil Rajeh – Hotel Manager’s Son
Tarek Rizkallah – Marwan
George Sayah – George
Hussein Dejed – Club Bartender
Saleh Barakat – Hotel Waiter
Federico Arrieta – Club Dancer
Hussein Dejed – Club Dancer
Fady Georges Farah – Club Dancer
Vladimir Kuzmin – Club Dancer
Georges Elie Sayah – Club Dancer
Michael Stanton – Club Dancer
Nagi Abboud – Taxi Driver 2

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